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"Through paintings and installation work, I want to express my feelings about people and life in my view. My art works focus on the connection between the past and the present. In that context, human is the centre"

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Full name: Vu Huyen Thuong
I was born in 1982, I'm living and working in Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Qualifications, Key Training and Results:
2006: Graduated from Ha Noi Academy of Theatre and Cinema - Faculty of Art Designing
(Excellent Degree in Fine Arts)
2007-2008: Ha Noi Academy of Journalism and Communications - Faculty of Newspapers

Exhibition and Experience:
2001-2006: Students’ Fine Arts Exhibitions at Ha Noi Academy of Theatre and Cinema & awards
2003: Organize and manage a crew of artists who are responsible for wall paintings all over the game zone at the Vincom City Tower in Ha Noi, Viet Nam
2006: Designer at Vinpearl Land, Nha Trang (This is one of construction projects for entertainment for everyone)
2006: Preparing some the props for a film by Fafilm Viet Nam1 in cooperation with Korean film production
2006: Setting the scene, background for the film "Luat Doi" by Viet Nam Television Station
2006: illustration for Transviet Imex Magazine in American published in the U.S


2010: International Exhibition 2010 Surrealism Now at Bissaya Barreto Museum House and Sant´Anna Convent in Coimbra, Portugal, European Union

About my art:
I have a great passion with Arts and consider it the best way to convey my thought, emotions, feelings and my perspective of life.
I portray the world around me in my paintings, it is the “HUMAN” world. I believe the life itself is a painting with happiness, sorrow, solitude, love, each of its shade. I am inspired by the life we are living in everyway and want to transfer my raw feelings, what I see, what I experience into my paintings. I do it with a message in every painting: Life is short, live it for what it is, who you are. Rip off all disguise and masquerading to be true to yourself.

I often use hot colors for more dramatic effects and to describe something oppressive inside each person which prods their passion and desire to escape. The mysterious oriental elements in my paintings help me to convey my message better. I lead my artworks into surrealistic direction which makes me totally free and imaginative to paint what I feel and think. I completely let my feelings fly with colors and creativity. Life and its diversity is a great inspiration to me in which human always stands in the centre.

The first impression I get when I meet or talk with someone is their face because it expresses their feelings, happiness, sorrow or even the mixture of emotions. That is the reason I often portray human faces in my paintings. When I look at these faces, I see myself too because we are all identical in some way. The human world is both simple and mysterious, which stimulates the passion and curiosity inside me. I will continue exploring this aspect in my paintings and try to express the innermost layer of human feelings with my own view by colors and drawings. Human make life and at the same time are created by life. Therefore, human and life are two inextricable elements, which exist and develop together. The more diversified the life is the more sophisticated human feelings are. This complexity is the endless inspiration for my artworks and their surrealism. Sometimes in my paintings I try to pose a question of Why? How? Who and What are they? for the audience but sometimes I will answer it myself.

Moreover, I have a habit of observing human hands and put them together with human faces in my paintings, which I believe makes my expression livelier and stronger. To me, human hands are no less important than human faces because they are the body part that connects people. By holding hands, people transfer the emotions to each other, to comfort and unite. For those who can not speak, they mostly use their hands to express their feelings and communicate and for a painter like me, hands are the most important. As a result, I often highlight this element in my paintings or put it in a supporting role...


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